All About Erica Jane

"Fashion you can buy, but style you possess.  The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years.  There's no how-to roadmap to style. It's about self expression and, above all, attitude."  -Iris Apfel

I could not agree more. 

My name is Erica Jane and I love fashion! Mixing designer pieces with vintage thrift-store finds. Adding a unique flare piece to a conservative outfit. Choosing pieces that you are drawn to, not necessarily what is popular.  Taking risks.

I love the hunt.  Finding unique pieces that speak to me.  

And finding them at prices I can afford.

Every piece on this site I have hand selected and is new or gently used.  Every piece I would wear in a heartbeat.  

I developed this site for several reasons.  After selling through various platforms, I became frustrated with the 20%+ commission I was paying from each sale.  I did all of the work - finding the piece, making any needed repairs, creating each listing.  Why should I lose 20% or more of my sale price to a large corporation just for  being a hosting site? It begins to add up. This site allows me to drop my prices substantially on many pieces, saving my customers money.  This site also allows me to interact directly with customers thanks to the handy dandy "Chat With Us" button.  I am able to answer questions on specific pieces, help build a complete look around a piece - using items from your own closet, ideas for making a piece more versatile - getting the most out of your purchase.  

I have built relationships throughout the world selling through multiple on-line platforms.  If there is something specific you are searching for, I can find it for you and at the best price possible.

My goal is not to sell.  My goal is to build relationships.  I am not happy unless my clients are happy. 

All prices are negotiable, and all reasonable offers will be considered.

I am so excited to start this adventure and thank you for joining me!